Sunday, July 21, 2019

SONAFEEL SS                                                                                                                         

A non – ionic softener for synthetics, cotton and blended fabrics. It imparts softness, resilience, durable water repellency with full luxurious hand. It improves abrasion resistance, tear strength, sewability, wrinkle resistance. Also, it breaks the body of stiff fabric and gives luster / cotton feel to polyester and blended fabric. SONAFEEL SS is mainly recommended in self finish or in combination, with other finishing agents, for suiting, shirting and furnishing fabrics.(Standards of ECO, GOTS VERSION 3 & Oeko Tex standard 100 standards Certified)

SONAFEEL SF                                                                          

Impacts excellent softness, body, bounciness, to the treated fabric. It also imparts crispiness and anticrease effect to the fabric. Recommended for shirting, sarees, and dress material either in self finish or in combination with our SONAFEEL SS.(Standards of ECO, GOTS VERSION 3 & Oeko Tex standard 100 standards Certified)


Cationic softener, impart rich dull cottonish look luxurious soft feel.


Reactive softener gives permanent finish to all fabrics.


Concentrated micro amino silicon softener.


Ready for finish micro amino silicon softener.


Specialized softener, in concentrated form, gives excellent rich feel to all fabric.


Economical specialized softener, gives rich surface feel to all fabric.

SONAFAB TX              

Specialized finishing agent based on modified polymers, it gives bulkyness and heavy body, maintaining the smooth and elegant feel on the fabric.

FEELWEL R                    

FEELWEL – R is a silicone based universal softening agent in most standard applications, suitable for suiting, shirting, furnishing, dress materials etc. It has good shearing stability and gives permanent finishing effects.

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